Be more prepared for fire season




Wildfires are becoming more extreme and the occurrence of megafires (fires that burn more than 100,000 acres) is becoming more common, all while wildfire season in the U.S. has grown from five to an average of seven months. It’s critical for utilities to have more effective plans for mitigation, inclusive of new protocols, methods and technologies.

Take command of Fire Mitigation strategies, community communications and reporting demands with the ENX Public Safety Power Management (PSPM) Solution.

PSPM Network View

PSPM Network Views
Via a graph database architecture

PSPM Dashboard

Custom Dashboards

To display custom, pre-built analytics

PSPM FIre Mgmnt

Fire Management
Plan, predict, mitigate.

PSPM Assets

Dynamic lists

PSPM Map View

Map Views

Of assets, people and structures

PSPM Device Status

Device Status
Views and reports

PSPM Solutions View

Fire Management (PSPS), Ice shedding, Hurricane mitigation, Cyberthreats, Case Management

PSPM Alert Details

Alert Details

Based on pre-set thresholds

The ENX PSPM solution offers superior monitoring and control, from substation weather readings down to the consumer level:

Substation weather monitoring
Downline weather monitoring
Downline amp monitoring
Guy wire stain monitoring
Emergency monitoring and control
Smart meter monitoring

PSPM Monitoring + Control

PSPM Monitoring

Solutions + Value Drivers:

Use the PSPM Solution to realize benefits and outcomes during fire, ice or hurricane mitigation.

Data Integration

Integrate data from multiple sources into the ENX DB Platform for advanced analytics and data science.


360-Degree Visibility

Gain real-time (current and historical) 360-degree visibility into weather and grid conditions with network views.


Fire Risk Warning

Configure thresholds to determine probabilities and create more accurate alerts and warnings for power management decisions with heat mapping and radar charts.


Power Shutoff Notifications

Send multiple types of messaging and provide live dashboards to customers and key stakeholders with communication features.


Status Reporting

Recreate events and take snapshots for reporting purposes with the time logger.


System (Grid) Condition

Gain automatic startup of downline generation (critical loads) with integration of the ENX Interconnections as a Service Module.

Create Your Own Digital Operations Center (DOC)


In emergency situations, having real-time access to complete views of all enterprise data is critical to preventing unnecessary damage and loss.

Through integration with Activu, leader in command center applications, you can easily:

  • Drag and drop analytics to a display wall for a more insightful view of your data
  • Create automated alerts that change your display wall view as they fire
  • Save storyboard layouts by substation, feeders, phases, consumers, etc.



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