Unlocking microgrids: orchestrating energy intelligence




With recent focus on reducing inflation through the use of microgrids, coupled with legislation that will reduce the cost of such grids by up to 50%, microgrids and virtual power plants are the prudent energy solution of choice for organizations across the U.S.

As a network orchestrator, ENX brings together cross-functional, multi-disciplinary technology and expertise to build the energy ecosystems the future requires. Our scalable platform elevates the siloed asset and energy service platform models and unlocks opportunity and value across the entire energy chain.


A Changing Market Landscape:

+ DER/Microgrids will be worth $110 billion by 2026
+ GEBs could lead to a $100–200 billion U.S. electric power cost savings
+ IoT Market is estimated to reach $142 billion by 2026
+ The Big Data Analytics market will reach $103 billion by 2023

Microgrid Features:

  • Pre-engineered, designed solutions shorten time to value: Demand Response, EaaS, Predictive Maintenance and more
  • Build custom, user- or facility-specific dashboards from the analytic gallery
  • Leverage Microgrid-specific views of infrastructure, facilities, assets, devices and independent alerts
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  • Integrate all infrastructure, facilities, assets and devices through a layered functionality and ability to connect live data to all layers
  • Browse asset registry for each independent area and view associated alert levels with each: Infrastructure/Grid, Facilities, Assets and devices
  • Create alerts associated with each independent asset attributing levels of criticality, and leverage Alerts as a workflow-algorithm enabler
Advanced Analytics
  • Access out-of-the-box gallery of analytics specific for the microgrid, categorized by facilities, DER, Infrastructure, IoT, EV and more
  • Simulate load profiles, load balancing, load shifting, demand response, predictive maintenance scenarios and more
  • View dashboard for carbon outputs and reduction capabilities as related to facilities and assets

Microgrid Benefits and Outcomes:

Efficient, low-cost, clean energy
Operational and stability improvement of the regional electric grid
Critical infrastructure that increases reliability and resilience
Reduction of grid "congestion" and peak loads
Enablement of highly efficient cogeneration (CHP), reducing fuel use, line losses and carbon footprint
Integration of grid interactive efficient buildings (GEBs)
Investment in local energy resources and jobs
Diversified risk across the energy portfolio
Local management of variable renewable generation, particularly on-site solar through the use of electric and thermal storage capabilities


When properly designed, a regional power grid that combines both large central plants and distributed microgrids can be build with less total capital cost, less installed generation, high capacity factor on all assets and higher reliability

  • SMART STREETLIGHT MODERNIZATION LED technology integrated with a connected network can reduce street light usage by 80%, optimize maintenance and operations, reduce greenhouse gases and improve public safety and community livability.
  • DISTRIBUTED SOLAR PV Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels can meet 65% of residential electricity needs, reduce CO2, create jobs and provide opportunities for participation in various incentive programs.
  • GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE Green Infrastructure implementation can lead to many community-wide benefits, including increased property values, enhanced community resiliency, job creation, flood-risk mitigation and improvement in public health.
  • DEEP RETROFITS Retrofitting existing buildings with more efficient electric, HVAC, water and BMS technologies can reduce energy costs by up to 49%, reduce greenhouse gasses, improve operations and occupant health, extend the life of buildings and has a payback period of one and a half to five years.
  • GREEN FLEETS Implementing a streamlined green fleet program can result in a 20% fuel reduction, improved public health and air quality, reduced O&M costs and greenhouse gas or petroleum use and take advantage of IEPA rebates for electric vehicles.
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The ENX Microgrid Solution enables DERM and DMO capabilities through interoperable interconnections from generation to toaster, empowering transactive energy at the market, utility and consumer levels.


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