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Gain independence through grid-wide interoperability

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Decrease reliance on centralized power sources with ecosystem-wide visibility and control, from generation to toaster. Leverage the graph database for energy consumers and reveal relationships between assets, structures, people and data for enhanced decision making and optimization across your network.

MicrogridaaS Features:

ENX Engineering Model for full interoperability in front of and beyond the meter
Load modeling to ensure source-load alignment
Simulation of all assets, infrastructure and IoT
Intuitive, AI-integrated self-healing grid
Increased grid and data security
Monetized energy resources
Network view of all microgrid assets, infrastructure, people and data
Intuitive assets islanding capabilities

MicrogridsaaS Applications:

Microgrid Analytic Dashboard
Microgrid Network View
Microgrid Solutions
Microgrid Pulse
Map View
Microgrid Assets
Microgrid Alerts
Microgrid Analytics
Microgrid Simulator
Microgrid Controller - Edge Computing

Solutions + Value Drivers:

Load Modeling/Alignment

reduce CAPEX and OPEX

DER Siting/Sizing

analyze, use and predict future patterns

Microgrid Monitoring/Control

Increased Reliability

resiliency across your ecosystem

Virtual Power Plant

take control of the energy chain

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