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Go beyond the meter

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Using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, gather and visualize assets, structure, occupant, usage, load and performance data in a single view. Leveraging real-time IoT data with weather, pricing and occupancy insights leads to a better understanding of load characteristics and consumer behavior and allows for more predictable and manageable energy as a service (EaaS) efforts.  

IoTaaS Features:

Create a building management system of systems

Integration with a Grid Interactive Efficient Building (GEB) Controller
Conduct building predictive and prescriptive maintenance
Decarbonization measurements and real-time receipts of mitigation efforts
Enablement of Energy as a Service (EaaS)

IoTaaS Applications:

Beyond-the-Meter Analytic Dashboard: commercial buildings, residential, industrial, agriculture
IoT Network View
Facility View
Map View
IoT Assets
IoT Alerts
IoT Analytics
IoT Simulations
IoT Solutions

Solutions + Value Drivers:

Asset Performance

on a grand scale

Sustainability + ESG

carbon reduction

Predictive Maintenance

across your ecosystem


Grid Interactive Efficient Buildings


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