Energy transformation for new market opportunities

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Building a more efficient framework for an evolving power system involves leveraging interconnections and the associated control points to engage and transact down to the consumer level. Create digital contracts which define storage parameters, create revenue opportunities, allow for participation in demand response programs and more.




InterconnectionsaaS Features:

Control points

  • Track all control points by substation, feeder, assets and more with the ENX Controller which allows for enhanced visibility on both sides of the meter

Digital contracts

  • Store all digital contracts associated with a controller or metering point

Energy as a Service (EaaS)

  • List all assets beyond the meter or at a control point, allowing collaboration regarding how energy can be optimized

InterconnectionsaaS Applications:

Control points

Digital Contracts

Energy as a Service

Solutions + Value Drivers:

Demand Response

take advantage of market conditions


energy as a Service

Control Schemes


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