Monetize Electric Vehicles

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Manage EV location mapping, load analysis, monitoring and scheduling and DER integration. Gain an understanding of grid impacts, demand response and market responses for optimal efficiencies.

The ENX Electric Vehicle as a Service Module enables aggregation and dispatching of EV loads, allowing you to capture and harness opportunities the addition of EVs brings to your grid.

EVaaS Features:

EV charging load analysis
EV charging location mapping
EV charging and DER integration
EV charging monitoring and scheduling

EVaaS Applications:

EV Analytic Dashboard (Level I, II and III Chargers)
EV Charger Network View
EV Load + Location Simulator
EV Map View
EV Asset
EV Alerts
EV Analytics

Solutions + Value Drivers:

EV Siting/Sizing

map use/need for optimal implementation

EV Load Simulations

predict and respond to true need across your ecosystem

EV Monitoring/Control

using graph technology

EV/DR Integration

integrate EV's into your portfolio of resources

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