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As a digital energy partner, we build consumer-centric solutions that offer new methods of exchanging value across the entire energy


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The ENX Energy Platform as a Service

In a single, integrated platform, we aggregate all the data and insights needed to proactively manage energy, with real-time visibility, to enable orchestration of energy resources.

Navigate Disruption + Competitively Position Yourself by Leveraging Solutions Across:

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Grid Intelligence
(Neural Grid)

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EV Charging

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Smart Buildings + Places


An increasingly smarter consumer base and the creation of new legislation are driving investments and focus on new energy models and clean (ESG) energy


Data is the thread that allows us to empower large energy consumers and deliver value in reliability, efficiency
and performance.

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The ENX Energy Platform bridges the gap between generation and distribution (in front of the meter) and emerging technologies that can see the point of use (beyond the meter) by aggregating data via a convergent architecture to enable enhanced decision-making in real time.

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The all-in-one energy platform of tomorrow is here, today.

We’ve merged a leading-edge energy platform with decades of expertise in the energy, engineering, utility, oil and gas and mass transportation industries to deliver energy as a service (EaaS) capabilities on a scale never before seen.


Virtual EnterpriseaaS
Virtual GridaaS


Health Care (coming soon)
ESG (coming soon)
Demand Response (coming soon)
Energy Modeling (coming soon)
Intelligent Marketplace (coming soon)

We build real-world solutions to real-world problems

At ENX we bring together the domain knowledge, expertise and IP required to solve the challenges of today—and tomorrow—in a single platform to provide unprecedented control across the entire energy chain.

We’re talking about data harmonization on a global scale, available via a simple subscription model. That’s energy optimized. That’s the ENX Energy Platform.

Interoperability in Action:

Via a single, intuitive user interface you can share algorithms, learning, analytics, and trends across an entire ecosystem. The ENX Energy Platform Provides: 
Pull from a library of dashboard or create your own custom views, by user roles and type of analytic
Create any number of dashboards
Customize dashboards by adding preconfigured widgets
Save dashboard views and customized layouts





Create custom KPIs to show critical information at your fingertips
Access Enterprise and KTRA Metrics for Finance, HR, Operations

Select multiple metrics to compare in a single view 

Browse data from previous time periods via timeline slider

View data in various forms: Stacked bar chart, Pie chart, Plot graph, Geospatially


Enterprise Pulse


View all assets, infrastructure + other physical entities in the
graph in a single, zoomable view. 
Select different data points to display in various map layers. Choose from primary and secondary conductor access points or sensors, ass views for consumers and even layer on events like outages, alerts and environmental conditions. 
Import outside data and render as map layers (GeoJSON files, etc.) 




Get a single view of your entire catalogue of assets, displayed according to search results or selected KPI filter, or map view. 
Search for assets by description, location or status. 
Filter and display list by asset type, function and location. (Ex. Filtering on substation KPI will display only substations in the list and map views)
Display assets by geographic location with zoomable map by filter type




Included as a component of ENX solutions, create customized alters which trigger based on present criteria like risk thresholds, weather conditions, ingested data, built-in intelligence + more
Get alerts view powered by National Weather Service, IoT sensor and GIS graph data

Trigger alerts based on IoT sensor data to maintain device health
Select any sensor and see related analytics
Filter alerts by "Read" or "Unread"
View an aggregate of all recent alerts via a historical table view, filtered by score, day and time, and exportable



View graph data in spatial form to explore and uncover all connected nodes and their respective data relationships
Search for entities in the graph by type (feeders, substations, transformers, sensor, etc.)
Sort and filter by historical or moment-in-time data via the timeline slider
Customize your view with zoom function, windows management and adjustable layouts
Use the Widget Toolbar for hiding/showing different widgets: Connected Data View (Graph), Timeline, Map, Data Grid (Shows entities in a tabular format with details), Save/Load Workspaces

Network View


Pull and cast analytics from your gallery onto the DOC data walls for easy collaboration and presentation. 

Data Storyboarding


View a robust catalogue of analytics, built and ingested by ENX team and other suers for shared learning across the energy ecosystem. 
Search and view analytics by:

Available Analytics
all analytics available to the end user

Analytics in Use
- currently in use within the account

Favorite Analytics
- saved analytics 
View all analytics in the gallery as cards for easy snapshots of name and display type.

Analytic Gallery


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