We are industry optimizers, network orchestrators + energy aficionados.

But you can call us ENX.

By 2050, the world will need 57% more electricity. But with dwindling natural resources, more catastrophic natural disasters and an already over-burdened utility grid, where does that energy come from?

By simply being better stewards of the energy we already consume - in addition to leveraging sustainable energy sources - the answer could be simple.

ENX creates value by connecting the physical environment as a convergent architecture, orchestrating assets to be managed as a system of systems. This enables assets and data to no longer be viewed as static variables or passive actors, but as dynamic, actionable and intuitive.

We prepare our clients for the digital economy, give them better control of their assets, enhanced visibility and insights, and help them reduce carbon emissions. We’re changing the energy equation from high costs and reliability risks to new value levels and increased uptime capabilities.

Meet the Team


David Swank

Chief Executive Officer

Galyn Black

Chief Energy Solutions Officer

Oran Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Jamieson Tate

Lead Data Scientist

Dale Veit

Director of Software Development

Joe Voelz

Chief Technology Officer

Will Clay

IoT Solutions Architect

Brent Adkisson

Power Marketer

Muhammad Ali

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Thomas Wallace

Project Manager

Kevin Bright

Software Engineer Project Lead

EnXchange is a team of engineers, data scientists, energy experts and innovators who reject the status quo. From our decades of experience in the utility industry, we understand structure utilization, load design, the true cost of a megawatt, and the factors that cause inefficiencies in your building management system. 

Imagine a world where you could control energy – electricity, heat, water, air quality and more – to suit your needs, and sell back the extras. That world is already a reality today, and at ENX we are taking it to scale across the U.S.

Our innovative, patent-pending energy platform allows clients of all size and sectors to take advantage of a highly digitized and dynamic energy environment of multidirectional networks which support two-way energy flows.

We encourage you to rethink how energy is harvested, collected, distributed and consumed. We’re flipping the energy models of yesterday on their heads and building the infrastructure of tomorrow, today.

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Meet the Board


Jordan Harper

CEO of HWH + Owner of ENX

C. Michael Ming

President + Founder pf Ming Energy Partners, LLC

Jim Roth

Dean of Law, OCU, Attorney Phillips Murrah, A New Energy LLC

Mark Hefner

President + CEO of Power Navigation

Pierre Redmon

CEO of Primcorp Management Consulting

Zaida Basora

Executive Director at AIA Dallas

Join the Team: Careers at ENX

Forging a path in an emerging field isn't easy, but then agin, we've never take the easy way out. At ENX we're building the world of tomorrow and making our own rules, alongside the best in the industry. We are proud of our culture of collaboration, ongoing ideation and mutual respect, and are looking for others who enjoy challenging that status quo to bring world-changing ideas to life. 

If you see the world form a different perspective, like doing things that have never been done before and never shy away from a challenge, let's talk. 

McKinney, TX